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List of NPC's met in Suns Over Alaraes

This list is not intended to be either comprehensive nor excessively detailed.


The town of Tuncurry is in northern Aesh, and was the first settlement the party came across.

  • Eli Burk (LE, Human Male, 44)
    • Runs the iron mines just outside of town.
  • Merle Havorford (CG, Human Male, 50)
    • Married to Dornan, had his face bit off.
  • Dornan Havorford (LG, Dwarf Female, 345)
    • Married to Merle, witnessed everything
  • Merey Bede (NG, Human Female, 23)
    • Mother of William, saved by the party.
  • William Bede (N, Human Male, 0)
    • Son of Merey, saved by the party.
  • Darla Harlow (LN, Human Female, 56)
    • Married to Frank, Ran The Chariot Inn and Taphouse
  • Frank Harlow (LN, Human Male 55)
    • Married to Darla
  • Ella Feyleaf (LN, Elf Female, 101)
    • Prostitute
  • Beth Frye (NG, Human Female, 21)
    • Prostitute
  • Durmat Smith (CG, Human Male, 36)
    • Adoptive father of Skell and Joy, blacksmith and sherrif
  • Skell Smith (LG, Dragonborn Female, 14)
    • Adopted daughter of Durmat
  • Joy Smith (LE, Dragonborn Female, 13)
    • Adopted daughter of Durmat
  • Scott McAnaster (LN, Elf Male, 163)
    • Mayor of Tuncurry

Seamaidens Fare / Iron Maiden

A merchant vessel that travels the route from Aesh to Farneas. The boat was chartered by Kriv to take them to Farneas.


The seasoned and well intentioned crew of the vessel.

  • CPT. Sebastian Grimmlocke (LG, Human Male, 49)
    • Captain and proprietor
  • Gundran Rockseeker (NG, Dwarf Male, 210)
    • Able seaman
  • Tom Hvarford (LG, Human Male, 20)
    • Sailor
  • Alex Greatflame (LN, Human Female, 25)
    • Sailor
  • Bukran Duskbelly (CG, Dwarf Male, 98)
    • Able seaman
  • John Silver (CN, Human Male, 43)
    • Cook
  • Vadaginn Cavebraids (LN, Dwarf Female, 150)
    • Cargoloader
  • Carriage (N, Steelborn, ???)
    • Cargo master, merchant

The Passengers of the Seamaidens Fare

While initially aboard the Seamaidens Fare the gang met a few passengers, whom they got to know somewhat well.

  • Slakz (LG, 28, Yellow Goblin, Female, Wizard)
    • A well read Wizard, traveling to the obsidian tower for research purposes
  • Ogoil (LN, Goblin (Red) Female, 22)
    • A competent Fighter and Slakzs' bodyguard
  • Theodulf Boffin (NG, Halfling Male, 22)
    • Setting out to learn about the culinary delights the world has to offer, and, frankly, delighted by what he's seen so far.

Oshear (et all)

  • Makaela Fencan (LG, Elf Female, 210)
    • Ran fighters in the Colosseum for profit, hates the party
  • Archbishop Redtek (LE, Human Male, 52)
    • Hired the party to kill magical monsters and stop the rebellion in the outskirts of town.
  • Alan “Shits” McGee
    • Hapless peasant turned revolutionary, shits himself when scared.
  • Grand Pope Vakshir (NG, Human Male, ???)
    • Sat on a throne that kept him alive, it doubled as a sick nasty radical mecha-pope suit. However he was wired directly into it.

The Flotilla

  • Lord Marland Gloom (LE, Human Male, 57)
    • Pirate Lord of the Flotilla, runs a brothel / bar. Retrieved his staff of glowing light after it was stolen by Talon.
  • Talon (LE, Red Dragonborn Male, 16)
    • Stole Marland Glooms staff to make enough money for him and his sister to leave the Flotilla
  • Dewclaw (LE, Red Dragonborn Female, 10)
    • Talons little sister, currently wandering Alaraes with her brother.


    • Paladin of Gadriel the Stalwart. Sacrificed her divine boon and connection to seal away the demon under Obsidian.
  • Ho Sem (??, Human Male, 1??)
    • An old friend of Ish's, a disgraced wizard from the Obsidian Tower who has a penchant for bodybuilding. Deceased.
  • Head Magos Rylla (N, Female Halfling Wizard, 66)
    • Head of Demonology at the Obsidian Tower
  • Head Magos Lo (Master Lo) (LN, Male Tortle Sorcerer, 185)
    • Head of Interplanar Studies at the Obsidian Tower
  • Small Faced Man (??, ??, ??)
    • Murdered Ho Sem

Heirophant Green

  • Countess Narthin Nagwen (N, Red Dragonborn Female, 37)
    • Deceased, murdered by Inal Socrib
    • Was next in line for presidency of the Ruby Conclave, a powerful clan of red dragonborn merchants.
    • Was desperately in love with Batu Nergui.
  • Sumisu Vorgar (LE, Red Dragonborn Male, 28)
    • Was accompanying Narthin to Cardean.
    • Is now next in line for presidency of the Ruby Enclave, a powerful clan of red dragonborn merchants.
    • Was once in love with Inal Socrib.
  • Inal Socrib (LG, Red Dragonborn Female, 35)
    • Narthins former handmaiden and murderer.
    • Is in love with Sumisu Vorgar, though now that love is unrequited.
  • Merca Anum (LE, Blue Dragonborn Male, 40)
    • A formerly powerful member of a blue dragonborn business clan, now disgraced.
    • Potentially romantically involved with Andira Ophins.
    • Is going to therapy for anger issues and trust issues caused by Narthin Nagwin
  • Batu Nergui - (N, Human Male, 45
    • A wealthy businessman from Qokon.
    • Was in love with Narthin Nagwin.
  • Andira Ophins (CG, Halfling Female, 35)
    • CFO of a large mercantile guild and former rival of Narthin Nagwen.
    • She may be romantically involved with Merca Anum. She’s also a little loose.
    • She and Narthin grew up in the same social circles and have competed their entire lives.

Cardean / Undercity

  • Alexander de Braun (??, Dwarven Male, 430)
    • Administrator of one of Cardeans’ 11 district
    • Member Cardeans' Citizens Cuncil.
    • Friends with Ish and an associate of you all.
  • Billy Badass (Lawful Neutral, Human Male, 14)
    • A hired rogue.
  • Phyxhrys T'soavae (Chaotic Neutral, Drow Female, 111)
    • The Undercity guide
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