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Raeas Setting Guide


Suns Over Raeas is a high techno-magic system-agnostic campaign setting designed for bombast and diversity. Set on the distant planet Ouran; the continent of Raeas is just coming out of the dark ages of The Collapse, a near world ending cataclysm that occurred 3 centuries ago. Remnants of a distant technological age litter the landscape, from the great Foundries that produce a myriad of marvels beyond modern comprehension, to the remnants of half-understood mechanical trinkets found in curio shops and ancient temples. More often than not these ancient technological remnants have been put to use by the peoples of today, as often for their intended purpose as not.

Mixed among these scattered marvels of the ancient past are the modern magical wonders that influence and enable the day to day life. Ouranite augments armor and weapons to better prepare soldiers and adventurers alike for the dangers of the world. Strange gods wander the lands investing their divine Sparks into chosen champions for some mysterious and unknowable divine game. Giant mechanical sentinels stand guard over cities, waiting for a new threat to repel. Great wells of raw liquid magic bubble up like the life-blood of the planet itself in great lakes on the surface, the subject of study by magicians the world over.

The people have moved on from now forgotten disasters, as much as they are able, and try to live their lives as best they can. But the powers that be have other intentions.

Fallen angels, magic-machine abominations, fused on the genetic level with silicone and steel, reap bloody vengeance on any who enter their path. Steelborn, androids searching for a secret long forgotten by mortals; their paths meandering and slow, seemingly at odds with the zeal with which they search. A forgotten and vengeful god, freshly freed from his prison, seeks to overthrow the pantheon and halt their ceaseless games while another more mischievous one schemes to help a young woman find her own path, and thus win it in its entirety. Finally, Arkon the Destroyer watches it all from his forgotten prison.


Magic is near ubiquitous in Raeas, with even small hamlets having access to an enchanter or artificer, usually of some limited skill. Magic items are abundant and not considered especially precious.


Raeas is set in the post-post apocalypse. While society has somewhat recovered from The Collapse, and technology is abundant in the world, much of it is poorly understood at best. A prime example are Foundries; large black-box (literally) production centers that produce one or two specialized items given the appropriate materials are provided to the input. The peoples of Raeas may be able to perform simple maintenance and repair, but should a Foundry be badly damaged or broken, they would have no idea how to fix it. The same can be said for auto-docs or augmentation centers. Some technological concepts have simply been lost to the sands as time. However, technology is still an everyday occurrence. Farmers may have grav-carts and electric razors. Hostels and Bread-and-breakfasts may have access to electricity. Adventurers may even have firearms, tanks, or radios. Just because something is poorly understood, does not mean it is not used.

The Lands of Raeas

The desperate crew of a crashed starship that is trying to find a way home to Deva, Ourans' second moon. A halfling tries desperately to find his way home to a distant plane he misses dearly, and a god-mother races through void of space to save her lover from her son.

The conniving and prosperous Sha’s of Kaldar spend their days idly plotting and scheming on how overthrow one another with halfhearted enthusiasm; while unseen forces move to depose them. The last baron of Reiben tries to reunite a shattered people and put down warlords after a devastating civil war, and seeks the heir to the fallen empire he is barely holding together.

In Farneas the Obsidian Tower does what it can to combat the corruption that continues to overtake the lands, turning all it touches into mutated abominations. The uncaring emperor of Qokon makes deals with dark gods for riches and power while his citizens starve and revolt foments. The young king of Ilkor reels from the assassination of his father and tries to prevent his own. On the fringes of the continent, in forgotten and insular Oshear an ancient sleeping sky god nears his awakening.


Capital: Carbena
Demonym: Aeshian
Exports: Iron, Cybernetics, Gunsmiths, Cattle, Fire Ouranite

Aesh is the largest nation on the continent, spanning the entirety of the western seaboard, and the most sparsely populated. While most people think that Aesh is nothing more than scrub land, that is only true of about three fifths of its landmass. The lower two fifths of the kingdom are primarily a semi-arid savanna. Aesh is divided into three territories with each being ruled by a governor that is appointed by the king.

The first and most northern of these territories is Tsiali, a mixture of desolate badlands and scrub land interspersed with the occasional oasis. Most cities and towns are coastal with the inland area typically being large cattle ranches or backwater mines with small attached supporting towns. Due to its immense size and low population density banditos, marauders, and outlaws run rampant in its interior. Most ranches and mines use hired hands for defense, with smaller independent backwaters having to rely on the rare party of roaming adventurers or Aerlin adjudicator for law keeping and stability.

The middle territory, Táño, is populated with a large diversity of natural beasts and is prime hunting lands for those seeking more exotic trophies than other countries can offer. Big game hunters and the wealthy come from around the continent to try their hand at hunting lions, fire-manders and elephants; as well as to seek an adventure with just the right amount of danger while in the capable hands of one of Táños’ many nature guides. Táño is home to an abundance of extremely venomous and unnervingly large wildlife as well as large hot spots of radioactive leftovers from the collapse. Visitors are highly encouraged to recruit a local guide should they wish to venture out into the wilderness for any sort of sport or recreation.

Finally, the southern territory is Dartanga. todo

Intriguing Facts

  • The governors of Tsiali and Táño are given incredible degree of autonomy, with the King Vecca rarely taking advantage of his administrative control.
  • The governor of Dartonga is mostly a ceremonial position, as the king resides in the territory and presides over the day-to-day governance.
  • Gunslingers and mercenaries are a common sight in the wildlands of Aesh, where the long arm of the law comes up a little short.
  • The cybernetics center in Blackwater is world renown for their level of care, and is considered the finest on the western half of the continent.
  • Aesh is the only place where you can find casteleros, special firearms that use ouranite in their construction and are capable of firing caster shells alongside regular bullets.

National character

Aesh is a large country, and its population is sparsely distributed throughout it. Outside of the major population centers, towns rarely reach more than a couple-hundred, and it is extremely common to find homesteaders miles away from the nearest bit of civilization. This isolation is either the cause of, or due to, the Aeshian peoples hardy and self-reliant nature. They are known to be fiercely independent, almost to a fault. The smaller communities are insular though generally friendly towards travelers, often off-puttingly so. An Aeshian farmer is happy to let you use their barn to rest overnight, and likely to insist you come to the table for dinner, but expects you to promptly leave in the morning. It is recommended that visitors are cautious to not overstay their welcome.

Cities and Sights

Most buildings in Aesh are squat and sturdy, as windstorms can be fierce and sudden. These windstorms attract the World Spirit of Air on a semi-regular basis. The coastal waters are lush with thriving reefs, with diving and the study of marine life attracting tourists all along the coast.


The capital of the northern province of Aesh. A large and bustling port city.


The territorial capital of Tsiali, Blackwater sits nestled against a wide dark river which is its namesake. Governor Baraeal pays his taxes on time and nominally follows the demands of King Vecca, but has free reign to run the city as he pleases. People in the city’s streets talk openly, if quietly, of Governor Baraeals’ malicious nature and his fondness for drink and general apathy towards governance. This has led to rampant corruption at every level of government throughout the city, with only those who know how to grease the appropriate palms succeeding there. Blackwater is also home to a world renowned cybernetics Foundry, where people can come to replace lost or diseased appendages.


Carbena the capital of Aesh and presided over by King Vecca. The city itself is surrounded by a great wall of solid light in colored layers, the only portion of the city that survived The Collapse. The wall, created with lost magic, depicts ancient sieges the city has survived along its outer perimeter, and the story of the cities first founding along the inside.

The Iron Gate

A great black-iron gate in the deep badlands of Tsiali. Austere, giant, and shadowless, it looms like an unholy black night-tower amongst the waves of endless cracked mud and scrub that surround it. There is nothing about this ominous gate that does not unsettle the eye or mind. It absorbs all light that touches it, and gazing on it gives the impression of being lost amid deep earth caves and caverns. Completely smooth to the touch, its purpose has long been forgotten to the whims of time. Some cults believe that the opening of the Iron Gate portends the coming of Arkon, the return of Astrea, and commencement of the prophecies of the end times.

The Aelfinn coast

The Aelfinn coast of Táño is abundant in cutting, sheer white cliffs and great reefs that stretch on for miles. These reefs are a favorite of fishermen and tourists, with a multitude of rainbow-colored marine life. The coastline itself is popular among traders for the myriad of small villages and towns that call it home, and the well patrolled waters that deter piracy.

Current affairs

  • There are rumors that recently a minor land baron and cattle rancher in the northern territory has recently found a large gold vein, but so far it has been unsubstantiated.
  • There are reports from the northern territory that the Iron Gate has shifted and now stands slightly ajar.


Capital: Station
Demonym: Cardish
Exports: Coinage, grain, land steamers, skilled workers, copper, various minerals

Mostly comprised of expansive grassy plains and gentle rolling hills, the scenery of Cardean has been the subject of painters and poets since before time can remember. Staunchly neutral, the government of Cardean refuses to participate in world politics; for better or for worse. This militant neutrality, along with a minting Foundry, is why the country is trusted with the manufacture and delivery of currencies around the continent. They charge a small fee for this service, which is enough to finance the small nations many large public works projects; from improving the capitals infrastructure, laying new roads to small farming villages, and building a large and robust national transit system. This wealth is also the key to its highly progressive social programs; grants for art, research, and exploration have made Cardean a focal point of intellectual life in Raeas.

The Citizens Council overseas the national policy of Cardean and is comprised of 11 members. There is one representative for each of the countries ten blocks, and one for the Silent King.

Outside of the two major population centers, Station and Folly, travelers can expect to find miles and miles of empty wilderness interspersed with state owned farmland, tilled by government employed workers.

Intriguing facts

  • Cardean maintains a small but highly trained military to defend its land steamers and neutrality.
  • A special one of a kind heavily armored land steamer called Star Platinum is used to transport newly minted currency.
  • All land-steamers are serviced in Station, and so all roads eventually lead to Cardean.
  • Station and Folly are actually built on top of the ruins of the same pre-collapse megacity.

National character

The Cardish citizenry is laid back, and at peace with their way of life. They are allowed great lateral movement thanks to their state-subsidized income, and enjoy unprecedented access to education and employment. Citizens are encouraged to seek alternative employment should they be dissatisfied with their current career path. However, thanks to the work-placement centers, this rarely happens. The people are open and friendly, and more than willing to take a day off work to assist a stranger in need. Travelers note that almost everyone they meet in Cardean is industrious and amenable, almost eerily so. Citizens rarely travel, and almost all cite the same phrase, “Why would I leave my perfect home and perfect life”.

Cities and Sights

Star Platinum

Star Platinum is Cardeans' flagship land-steamer. Larger than any other of her kind, she sits a full 175 ft. tall from the base of her tracks to the top of her funnels, about 90 ft of which is spaced out for passengers, crew, and cargo, and 882 ft. bow to stern. Star Platinum is used to deliver coinage and other high-value cargo to the other nations on Raeas. Due to the high level of security required to safely transport currency, Star Platinum is armed to the hilt and rarely takes passengers.


Also known as The City of Tiers, the capital city of Station is built like an open-walled Stonehold. Sweeping bridges and large plates are piled on top of each other, a dozen stories up, giving the impression of a small metal mountain. When a visitor first enters Station at the ground level, they enter the market districts. Blocks of cheap taverns, low cost restaurants, and government subsidized housing for the population crammed into the crowded streets. Go up just a couple levels and you'll find yourself in the manufactorum districts. Row after row of docks and warehouses filled with Stations finest craftsmen, machinists, engineers, and other techno-workers who handle the manufacturing and assembly of any number of manufactured gadgetry. It is here where every land-steamer on the continent berths for repairs and overhauls that can not be performed in the field. This is because Station houses a large Foundry at its center that produces the advanced materials and components required to manufacture and repair land-steamers. Higher up in the city you will find the campus districts. Technical and vocational schools as well as arts colleges and engineering colleges thrive on a hybrid of private / public funding. Student dormitories are generously interspersed with private housing in these districts.

Finally, at the top of Station, sits the Polit Districts. Government buildings, the Citizens Council chambers, large private estates, and the kings palace take up the entirety of the top 3 levels of Station. If a citizen wishes to watch their government work, or needs to interact with the nightmarish bureaucracy of Station, this is where they go.


The main access to the undercity, folly was originally a rest station and resupply depot for adventurers who spent the majority of their time investigating delving into Undercities secrets. The populatiry of undercity as a location for scholarly research and source of treasure prompted its eventual growth into Cardeans’ only other major city. Unlike Station, Folly's layout is haphazard and slapdash, with streets being constructed as fast people emmigrated.

Many peple often wonder at the cities strange name. It was originally called Undercity Supply and Rest Depot, but was soon given the name after the poem “Third Folly” was published by a Cardish poet. The poem follows the dying thoughts of a young unnamed adventurer who laments his three foolish decisions before dieing in the undercity. As it goes the first was his decision to become an adventurer to seek fame and fortune. The second was deciding to delve into the Undercity seeking greater glory, despite having achieved some small noteriety in his native land. His third, and final, folly was entering the Undercity alone and without friends to aid him.


As Station goes up, so Undercity goes down. Undercity is a maze of ancient half-destroyed buildings that resided in a partially collapsed crevasse. Adventurers and scholars alike crawl in, over, and through its twisted and broken carcass, hoping to find lost technologies, forgotten magics, riches, fame, or any combination of the four. The upper layers of the city are well traversed and picked fairly clean, but the deeper in you go the more there is left undiscovered, and the more dangerous is becomes. It is recommended thrill seekers hire an experienced guide in Folly, or be certain the ancient map you've found is highly credible, before plumbing the Undercity's forgotten depths.

Current affairs

  • It has recently been discovered that the Foundry that was thought to press all the coinage Cardean produces has in fact been producing a medical technology only given to Cardean citizens. It is unknown what it is, and no Cardish citizen seems willing to discuss it.
  • It is theorized that Star Platinum itself is, in actuality, where currency is minted.
  • Lord Alexander de Braun is putting together a expedition into Undercity amid rumors that a cache of Foundry recipes has been discovered.
  • The Silent King is planning a tour of the rural areas of Cardean for the first time in 300 years.

Drakken Tor

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