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Adventuring Gear

Alaraes is flush with mundane wonder, dozens of foundries around the continent produce mass consumable artifacts of ancient technology, and useful magical trinkets found in every shop.



Bullets (10)

Bullets are used to load any single-shot firearm such as a revolver or bolt-action rifle.

Energy Cell

Energy cells are loaded into Pulse Rifles and rail weapons. A weapon using an Energy Cell may be fired 30 times before the cell is depleted depleted. Depleted energy cells may be brought to appropriate arms dealers for recharge or exchange (for a modest fee).

Caster shell

Considered very rare, Caster shells are used exclusively in Castelero's and Castelero Rifles and are made from redsteel. Available in 8 variants, numbered I through VII, each shell is infused with a single specialized spell that is cast when fired. These shells are manufactured and sold by specialized craftsmen found almost exclusively in Aesh. The cost of each shell varies depending on its shell number with an escalating rarity and cost. Spells cast via a caster shell are always centered on the location the slug hits and are cast at their lowest level.

  1. I -
  2. II -
  3. III -
  4. IV -
  5. V -
  6. VI -
  7. VII -
  8. VIII -

Bungee cords

These elastic cords are good for holding down items when transporting them. Each one comes with a hook on each end and is rated for 100 lbs. and can stretch up to twice its length. Bungee Cords are sold in packs:

  • 1 10-foot cord
  • 2 6-foot cords
  • 4 2-foot cords

Calming Bridle

This steel and elastic bridle automatically sizes itself to fit over the head any medium or small creature. As long as the creature has an intelligence score of 4 or lower this bridle uses minute speakers to play soothing ultra-sonic frequencies to calm it, making it easier to control. You have advantage on Wisdom (Animal Handling) checks made to calm the equipped creature and to have it follow your commands.

Canteen, Filtration

This canteen uses chemicals and solar radiation to filter up to one gallon of potable water. This filtration makes the water clean enough to safely drink. This canteen can filter up to three gallons of non-potable water before it needs to recharge for 8 hours.

Canteen, Passive

This canteen pulls humidity out of the air and stores it inside. This canteen can make enough water for 1 creature to consume every 8 hours in an arid environment.


This is a package of four 8-inch long plastic sticks that glow when cracked. Each chemstick casts a bright light out to 5-feet and dim light out to 15-feet for 4 hours. After 4 hours, chemsticks only cast a dim light out to 10-feet for an additional 4 hours. These come in an assortment of random colors (the color is chosen by the dungeon master). You activate a chemstick by cracking it against a hard surface, or with both hands.


Cybernetic prosthesis can be found throughout Alaraes, the that usually means something unfortunate has happened to the last owner, and can purchased from special clinics in Mokopun and Aesh. The repair, maintenance, and installation of Cybernetics is a highly specialized and esoteric skill, with Cyberneticist charging high fees for their services. Cyberneticist with lower skill levels or incomplete training can sometimes be found attached to merchant caravans charging more amenable rates, but their craftsmanship will often times be well under the levels of their more respectable colleagues.


Recommended price 300gp per eye. Added costs for more ornate designs and exotic materials.
Available either as a set or individually, cybernetic eyes are a somewhat difficult to manufacture prosthesis making them relatively uncommon. They are available in a wide range of styles and colors, able to be customized to the users preferences, though more esoteric designs may incur an additional fee. Regardless of physical appearance a cybernetic eye grants its user Darkvision. In addition, the user also gains Telescopic Sight and can clearly make out minor details on objects up to 120ft away.


Recommended price 100gp per limb. Added costs for more ornate designs and exotic materials.
The replacement of an Arm or leg is a common sight amongst adventurers and soldiers, whose occupation lends itself to dangerous encounters. Replacement limbs can be aesthetically customized ad infinium, though the more ornate the design and materials the higher the fee. Replacing a limb is considered a routine procedure and can be accomplished in a day by a skilled Cyberneticist, with recovery time often being less than a week (though heavy lifting is discouraged for the first 30 days). Replacing a limb confers no additional mechanical benefits.


Recommended price 500gp per ear. Available either as a set or individually, cybernetic ears are highly customized pieces of hardware. Each ear is built-to-order for a recipients head due to a large variation in cranial structure from person to person. This of course leads to a higher purchase price, as the hardware cannot be produced en-mass. There is also far less opportunity for customization of design, as even minute changes in material and design can lead to dramatic alterations in performance. Cybernetic ears grant the user slightly enhanced hearing, granting Advantage on perception checks related to hearing, so long as the source of the sound is within 30 ft.


Rare - Very Rare
Recommended price varies. Spine cybernetics, much like cybernetic ears, are custom made-to-order pieces of hardware that do not grant any mechanical benefit on their own, outside of the medicinal benefits of having a healthy spine. They instead allow for the installation and use of Gear, a general use term for lost tech that can be controlled only via special sockets on your spine and neck. Gear takes up a certain number of available slots, cybernetic spines with more slots are rarer and cost more.

  • 0 slots - 2500gp
  • 4 slots - 5000gp
  • 6 slots - 7500gp
  • 8 slots - 10,000gp

Duct tape

This sticky adhesive tape is load rated for 30 pounds and is used for securing two objects together. Each roll is 50-feet long and 2-inches wide.

Everclean oil

This oil can be applied to any armor or article of clothing. Once applied it protects that article from being soiled. It repels water, dirt, and grime for up to 1 hour after application. Using this oil leaves no scent or visible trace after use.

Flash Tape

This sticky adhesive tape is load rated for 10 lbs. and is used for securing two objects together as well as temporarily lighting small areas. Each roll is 50-feet long and 2-inches wide. Once placed on a surface, this tape sheds a dim green light out to 10-feet for 6 hours.

Instant tent

A lightweight tent that compacts into a storage box that fits easily in a pack. When placed on the ground it may be deployed with a button press, the tent will instantly unfold itself. This tent provided adequate, though uninsulated, sleeping space for one medium creature. he tent takes 10 minutes to break down back into its storage container.

Instant yurt

A lightweight yurt that folds up into a small box that fits inside a standard explorers pack. When the storage box is placed on the ground, it may be deployed with a button press. The yurt will set itself up in less than a minute, providing a comfortable, insulated, sleeping space for six medium creatures. The yurt features a cloth flap at the entrance and has a hole in the center for a fire pit. The yurt takes 30 minutes to break down back into its storage container.


A small lightweight device that produces a small flame using a stored gas and built in flint. Lighters come in an assortment of colors and styles, but all cast a bright light out to 5-feet.

Mana Collector

moved to Tools


A brick sized calorie-dense meal replacement of unspecified flavor and ingredients. Each meal-stim provides a weeks’ worth of flavorless nutrition-filled rations. It is often used as emergency rations at sea and to feed large armies on the move.

Medical gel

This silver packet packed full of amber gel acts as an instant cast for broken limbs, or as an immediate clotting agent when applied over an open wound. The packet contains 10 uses. As an action, you may expend one use of the gel to stabilize a dying creature, remove the bleeding condition, or set a broken limb without needing to make a Wisdom (Medicine) check.

Moonflower, book

Each book is constructed using a ream of moonflower paper and as such produce a faint light. Many libraries and wizards favor these books. Libraries like discouraging the use of open-flame in their halls, and wizards use them as spellbooks, as they are easy to read in the dark. Each moonflower book casts a dim light out to 5-feet.

Moonflower, lantern

A collapsible wooden lantern with panes made from specialized moonflower paper that is extra concentrated so it shines more brightly. The paper is waxed so as to not be damaged by water. This lantern acts as a source of bright light out to 30-feet and dim light for an additional 30 ft.

Moonflower, paper

Paper made from the pulp of the Moonflower native to Qokon. Each sheet glows just enough to be readable without another light source. It is a highly sought after material for map-making and for use in spellbooks. This paper acts as a source of dim light out to 5 feet.


Each nano-tool is a wrist-mounted box filled with a swarm of nano-machines. These machines can be verbally instructed to form any tool or non-magical key. Each nano-tool has five uses after which the swarm is depleted of energy and dies. This tool requires an operators license in many municipalities due to its potential for misuse.

Personal assistant

Each personal assistant is a tiny customized anti-gravity drone that records meetings, makes lists, and takes personal notes. Personal assistants each has a personality, chosen by the user, and adaptively learn how to best serve their master. A personal assistant may play back a recorded meeting as a 3D hologram. Personal assistants need to recharge during your long rest.

Potion of cunning

When a creature consumes a potion of cunning, their Intelligence Attribute is increased by four points for one hour. The creature must then take a short rest or suffer from fatigue due to the mental strain. If a short rest is not taken, then that creature gains one level of exhaustion. If a second potion is consumed while you are exhausted, you suffer 4d6 psychic damage then fall unconscious for eight hours without gaining the benefits of a long rest. In addition, you gain another level of exhaustion.

Potion of Invigoration

You gain temporary hit points when you drink this potion. The number of temporary hit points depends on the potions rarity, as shown below. This potion glows a vibrant orange-gold when swirled in its vial.

  • Potion of…
    • Invigoration: You gain 2d4+2 temporary hit points.
    • Greater Invigoration: 4d4+4 temporary hit points.
    • Superior Invigoration: 8d4+8 temporary hit points.
    • Supreme Invigoration: 10d4+20 temporary hit points.

Potion of Liquidation

When a creature consumes a vial of this clear watery potion, they become liquid water for 1 minute. While in this liquid state they retain their move speed, can move through small cracks and keyholes, and appear no different than an ordinary water puddle. While in this state you are resistant to fire damage and vulnerable to cold damage.


This small mouth guard allows you to breath underwater by converting the oxygen in the water into breathable air.


This face-guard cleans the air around you before you breath it in, removing any particulate matter from the air. Particularly useful in mining environments, it prevents airborne poisons and spores from entering the body.

Salve, moisturizing

A salve made from a semi-common ooze found in wetlands that prevents your skin from drying out. A single application prevents a creature from sunburns and MORE THING for 8 hours after application. A favorite among traveling mycollan.

Salve, soothing

incomplete useful for burns?

Undead, guard

These humanoid undead guards are the reanimated corpse of a former citizen of Drakken Tor. Undead guards do not need to eat, sleep, or breath, making them perfect guards for a variety of applications. Every guard will follow commands exactly until completed, at which time they return to their post and resume a base function chosen by their owner. While useful for simple duties, they lack free-thought and creativity, making them unsuitable for nuanced guarding applications.

Undead, servant

These humanoid undead servants are former slaves or prisoners of Drakken Tor. Used as maids, gardeners, butlers, chamber maids, and hard labor, undead servants are a favorite low-overhead workforce in certain areas of Alaraes. Each servant responds to a token, usually held by their owner, and will only follow the commands of the one holding it. Over the decades, a complex system of user permissions has been built, to allow owners to grant control over their undead staff to other, more living, members of their entourage. The view of their use ranges from “obscene” to “extravagant” depending on region.

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