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Drakken Tor

Demonym: Drakkenian
Export: Medi-Gel, medicines, medical texts, undead, chirurgeons, several hearty crops

Sitting in the northeastern corner of the continent, the rocky steppes and soaring plateaus have been ruled for at least the last thousand by the Lich King Ruczal. Drakken Tor has two medical oriented Foundries, one that produces almost all Medi-Gel on the continent, and another that produces a variety of high quality medicines. That combined with a near zero stigmatization of death in the region has lead to the nation becoming the preeminent producers of skilled chirurgeons. The lack of stigma towards death can be directly attributed to King Ruczal. Just after The Collapse, he founded the Cult of Ruczal, a cabal of necromancers who worship him as a god, and started the tradition of raising the dead to act as an unskilled workforce for farming and national defense.

The rocky-soil of the region assisted greatly in having the peasantry adopt the practice of handing over their beloved dead to the Cult of Ruczal. Just after the collapse, famine was rife and many died as their farming equipment failed from age and disrepair. The Cult came and promised easy living, and a return to more Urban lifestyles. Their spread was slow but today almost every citizen is a practicing member of the Cult. Rural folk love their necromancer king, as the use of undead has freed them from harsh labor and allows them time to pursue education and arts.

Drakken Tor sits at an odd place in international politics. Many nations find the practice of using the undead as manual labor repugnant, and despise the national Cult of Ruczal, however the insular nature of Ruczal and the prospect of having to face an army that does not require sleep or supply lines has proven to be an effective deterrent against invasion.

Intriguing facts

  • It is widely known that the Lich King Ruczal was in charge of the region pre-collapse.
  • Particularly well preserved corpses are often exported as body guards or personal attendants for privacy minded nobles.
  • Arelin Inquisitors are banned from the country and are afforded no judicial authority over Drakkenian citizens when abroad.
  • In regards to farming, a group of 10 undead are called a cabal, and shepherded one live shepherd.

National character

Nearly every native of Drakken Tor is a devout member of The Cult of Ruczal. This is all the more astonishing considering the fact that it is not compulsory in any way. The giving of the deceased is completely voluntary. The people are comfortable with death. Outside of religion, the citizens are egalitarian in nature.

Cities and Sights


Sitting across a gorge from Westholt on the top of a large plateau, Eastholt is the home of Drakken Tors' Medi-Gel Foundry. Built in tiers up the sculpted cliff face. One thing especially unique about this City is the great .


Sitting atop a large plateau and across a gorge from Eastholt, Westholt is the home of Drakken Tors' temple of The End of Days that looms over the city center.


One of the largest dwarven stoneholds on the continent, Va'kuhm is the single largest supplier of gold in Alaraes. Recently the city has gone silent and all trade with it has stopped. Any party sent to investigate fails to return. This is troubling King Ruczal and he is contemplating breaking a centuries old treaty and storming the hold.

"DJ Khalid Voice" Anotha one

Fuck if i know.

Current affairs

  • Rumors swirl that King Ruczal is attempting to forge himself an heir.
  • Recent attacks have been made against undead handlers, and the undead have been stolen.
  • There have been sightings of undead without handlers out on the plateaus.
  • A small hollow has been discovered that seems to be home to the start of a small village. When investigated, no one was found.
  • Gold shipments from Va'kuhm stopped a few months ago and no one knows why. Two emissaries have been sent to investigate, but not returned.
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