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Capital: Carbena
Demonym: Aeshian
Exports: Iron, Cybernetics, Gunsmiths, Cattle, Fire Ouranite

Aesh is the largest nation on the continent, spanning the entirety of the western seaboard, and the most sparsely populated. While most people think that Aesh is nothing more than scrubland, that is only true of about three fifths of its landmass. The lower two fifths on of the kingdom is primarily a semi-arid savanna. Aesh is divided into three territories with each being ruled by a governor that is appointed by the king.

The first and most northern of these territories is Tsiali. A large swath of badlands, Tsiali is a mixture of desolate badlands and scrubland interspersed with the occasional oasis. Most cities and towns are coastal with the inland area typically being large cattle ranches or backwater mines with small attached supporting towns. Due to its immense size and low population density banditos, marauders, and outlaws run rampant in its interior. Most ranches and mines use hired hands for defense, with smaller independent backwaters having to rely on the rare party of roaming adventurers or arelin adjudicator for law keeping and stability.

The middle territory, Táno, is populated with a large diversity of natural beasts and is prime hunting lands for those seeking more exotic trophies than other countries can offer. Big game hunters and the wealthy come from around the continent to try their hand at hunting lions, fire-manders and elephants; as well as to seek an adventure with just the right amount of danger while in the capable hands of one of Tános’ many nature guides. Táno is home to an abundance of extremely venomous and unnervingly large wildlife. Visitors are highly encouraged to recruit a local guide should they wish to venture out into the wilderness for sport or recreation.

Finally, the southern territory is Dartanga.

Intriguing facts

  • The governors of Tsiali and Táno are given incredible degree of autonomy, with the King Vecca rarely taking advantage of his administrative control.
  • The governor of Dartonga is mostly a ceremonial position, as the king resides in the territory and presides over the day-to-day governance.
  • Gunslingers and mercenaries are a common sight in the wildlands of Aesh, where the long arm of the law comes up a little short.
  • The cybernetics center in Blackwater is world renown for their level of care, and is considered the finest on the western half of the continent.
  • Aesh is the only place where you can find casteleros, special firearms that use ouranite in their construction and are capable of firing caster shells alongside regular bullets.

National character

Aesh is a large country, and its population is sparsely distributed throughout it. Outside of the major population centers, towns rarely reach more than a couple-hundred, and it is extremely common to find homesteaders miles away from the nearest bit of civilization. This isolation is either the cause of, or due to, the Aeshian peoples hardy and self-reliant nature. They are known to be fiercely independent, almost to a fault. The smaller communities are insular though generally friendly towards travelers, often off-puttingly so. An Aeshian farmer is happy to let you use their barn to rest overnight, and likely to insist you come to the table for dinner, but expects you to leave in the morning. It is recommended that visitors are cautions to not overstay their welcome in the smaller communities.

Cities and Sights

Most buildings in Aesh are squat and sturdy, as windstorms can be fierce and sudden. These windstorms attract the World Spirit of Air on a semi-regular basis. The coastal waters are lush with thriving reefs, with diving and the study of marine life attracting tourasists all along the coast.


The capital of the northern province of Aesh. large and bustling port city.


The territorial capital of Tsiali, Blackwater sits nestled against a wide dark river which is its namesake. Governor Baraeal pays his taxes on time and nominally follows the demands of King Vecca, but has free reign to run the city as he pleases. People in the city’s streets talk openly, if quietly, of Governor Baraeals’ malicious nature and his fondness for drink and general apathy towards governance. This has led to rampant corruption at every level of government throughout the city, with only those who know how to grease the appropriate palms succeeding there. Blackwater is also home to a world renowned cybernetics Foundry, where people can come to replace lost or diseased appendages.


Nestled amongst a lush jungle, Carbena the capital of Aesh and presided over by King Vecca. The city itself is surrounded by a great wall of solid color, the only portion of the city that survived The Collapse. The wall, created with lost magic, depicts ancient sieges the city has survived along its outer parimeter, and the story of the cities founding along the inside.

The Iron Gate

A great black-iron gate in the deep badlands of Aesh's northern territory. Austere, giant and shadowless, it looms like an unholy black night-tower amongst the waves of endless cracked mud and scrub that surrounds it. There is nothing about this ominous gate that does not unsettle the eye or mind. It absorbs all light that touches it, and gazing on it gives the impression of being lost amid deep earth caves and cavern. Completely smooth to the touch, its purpose has long been forgotten to the whims of time. Some cults believe that the opening of the Iron Gate portends the coming of Arkon, the return of Astrea, and commencement of the prophecies of the end times.

The Aelfinn coast

The Aelfinn coast of Táno is abundant in cutting, sheer white cliffs and great reefs that stretch on for miles. These reefs are a favorite of fishermen and tourists, with a multitude of rainbow-colored marine life. The coastline itself is popular among traders for the myriad of small villages and towns that call it home, and the well patrolled waters that deter piracy.

Current affairs

  • There are rumors that recently a minor land baron and cattle rancher in the northern territory has recently found a large gold vein, but so far it has been unsubstantiated.
  • There are reports from the northern territory that the Iron Gate has shifted now stands slightly ajar.
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