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The World Spirits of Alaraes

The immortal world spirits represent some aspect of Alaraes, and range from small to titanic. These creatures affect the magical weave of Alaraes in strong and profound ways. Many are associated with a school of magic, either because of their overt nature, or because the effects of spells from that school are stronger in their presence.

The Primal Spirits

The primal World Spirits represent the raw natural magic of the land itself. These entities formed the continents and oceans of the world since its creation. They are either the source of, or the manifestation of, magic itself. It is unclear which. Literal forces of nature, these beings do not take notice of the inhabitants of Alaraes; they neither intentionally aid or harm, they merely are.

Spirit of Fire

A great serpent of fire and lava that lives in the rivers of molten rock under Alaraes. It is said that its essence is the source of all fire magic on Ouran. The location of its nest is unknown, but it has been observed coming out of Mount Fireforge and Nydts' Keep during eruption events. Whether it is the cause of these eruptions or merely drawn to them is currently unknown.

Spirit of Water

A massive leviathan of unknown description that lives in the impassable deepwaters around Alaraes, the Spirit of Water controls all water on the continent. On clear nights the leviathans ghostly green aura can be seen on the far edge of the horizon. Because it prefers to keep its distance from vessels, those who have seen its undersea glow up close are considered to be blessed by the Spirit. Some say it swims in a great pod with its smaller kin, each of whom represent a body of water in Alaraes.

Spirit of Air

A great humanoid whose swirling form stretches from the ground to the clouds, with a body shaped from a series of hurricanes and tornadoes. The Spirit of Air favors manifesting in flatlands of Cardean and the badlands of Aesh, where the full force of the winds can blow without interference from trees, buildings, hills, or other windbreaks. Its coming portends the worst thunderstorms imaginable that last weeks after its arrival.

Spirit of Earth

A great

Spirit of Light

The Spirit of Light can be seen, although rarely, soaring above the clouds of Alaraes. Most sightings are reported when the suns are at their zenith. During these events its wings warp and bend the sunlight back onto itself, causing a great golden corona to surround and suffuse it, and rainbows to sprout out to the horizon in every direction. In summer it is at its full strength, and is almost never seen during the long dark winter months. It is theorized that it roosts on some unseen island far out over the ocean to hibernate throughout the winter. It is a strongly held belief that the Spirit of Light is the source of Illusion magic.

The Enlightened Spirits

These spirits embody certain aspects of conscious thought, and are as old as intelligent life on Ouran. These spirits feed on the emotions and thoughts of the inhabitants of Alaraes, and often are drawn to individuals who they feel represent their aspect strongly at any particular moment in time. Unlike the Primal Spirits, the Enlightened posses conscious thought and have motivations of their own. While not explicitly antagonistic, some spirits strongly dislike being in the presence of their opposite.

Spirit of Fear

The Spirit of fear dwells in dark places; caves, dark woods at night, and mens' hearts. It is drawn by fear and anxiety, shame and envy. It feeds off these emotions and causes them to reach new heights. It is the oldest recorded Enlightened Spirit, being born alongside intelligence itself. It favors the appearance of a tall, thin, eyeless, pale man with long four jointed fingers.

Spirit of Courage (Whoa boy)

Favoring the visage of a stern and stoic soldier or ranger, the Spirit of Courage is to those experiencing heightened hesitation and duty, courage and determination. It comes to subdue these emotions while it consumes them, helping to those who need it to hold their oaths, or fulfill their duty. It is the third oldest recorded Enlightened Spirit, being born just after pain, when some unknown mortal came to their friends aid.

Spirit of Pain

A small somber or weeping humanoid who appears wherever sadness or pain is worst in Alaraes, be that emotional or physical. Pain feeds off of the pain and horror, guilt and remorse, but does not cause it. Those who have heard its wailing believe, in their very core, that it hates feeding and weeps for the need of it. It is the second oldest recorded Enlightened Spirit, coming into the world when the first intelligent mortals were killed by their predators.

Spirit of Justice

Known to appear as a tall woman in heavy platemail where great injustices are being perpetrated. She often is fleeting, but her coming is often cited as the spark for uprisings and rebellion among the repressed. Justice is drawn to revenge and justice, contempt and faith. Justice is the youngest of the Enlightened Spirits, not being born until

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