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The First Gods

Before time there were the Old Ones: Astrea of Queen of Time, and Ouranos of King of Space. Together, these two reigned over all the gods who they created from their divine energies. Over eons unfathomable, Astrea and Ouranos grew close, and soon, in relative terms, the two produced an offspring: Arkon Prince of Spite who hid his divine nature from his parents.

Together these three created the known universe and the new gods, the first pantheon, whom Astrea and Ouranos treated as their children. Arkon, full of rage for being placed on the same level as these lesser gods, rose up against his parents, and tried to strike them down for his perceived sleight. The war lasted many millennia, as Arkon created dark terrors, world-eaters and demons, to fight by his side.

Eventually Ouranos fought his firstborn son as the first pantheon held back his forces of darkness. Ouranos struck down Arkon, bringing him near death, but he hesitated, knowing his heart he could not destroy his first son. Instead he trapped Arkon within himself, using his own divine spirit to trap Arkon within his being in the mortal plane. Astrea, heartbroken with the betrayal of her firstborn and the loss of her love, ran weeping into the void of space to grieve.

Ouranos’ divine spirit attracted nearby matter, which eventually became the planet Ouran, where the first pantheon reigns should Arkon return to destroy creation.


Alignment: True Neutral
Gender: Female

Astrea was the first of the first the Old Ones, from her came the concept of time. A truly neutral entity, not much is known about her except that she was wife to Ouranos and mother to Arkon. She answers no prayers, grants no power, and is widely considered to be gone from the world. Ancient books found in the libraries of dead civilizations hypothesize that Astrea ran into the endless void of space after the death of her brother and husband. Hey holy symbol is unknown.


Alignment: True Neutral
Gender: Male

Ouranos was the second of the Old Ones, from him came the material plane, and eventually Ouran. The material plane itself, and the very land of Ouran.


Alignment: Lawful Evil
Gender: Male

Trapped within the heart of Ouran, he is known as the bringer of the end times and the devourer of sin.

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