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Setting specific modes of transport for purchase


Scaleed horse with no hair. Selects riders based on a matching/compatible alignment. Is colored based on its own alignment.


Land-steamers are giant tracked vehicles left over from before The Collapse. They are produced by Cardean in its capital city Station. So called because it is the central station that all land-steamers return to. The exact method of production is a long held secret by Cardean, but what is known is that they are at least partially produced by a Foundry.

Land-steamers have a similar size and transportation arrangement as a middle-to-large sized cruise ship. Four classes of transport are available, suiting many economic circumstances. 1st class passage is

  • 1st Class is luxurious and expensive, with complementary meals, open bars, and entertainment on longer journies. The rooms are large and lavish, sleeping between 1 family each, with en suite bathrooms and ammeneties.
  • 2nd Class passage is more economical, but still quite well appointed. Typically berths have an occupancy of 2-3, with every other compartment sharing a bathroom. Room service is available for a modest fee, and communal dining compartments are available.
  • Economy Class is even more affordable, sleeping 4-6 passengers per room with every other compartment sharing a bathroom. Economy dining is buffet only, and admittance is an additional fee.
  • Cargo Class is the most affordable option. As the name implies, sleeping arrangements are in the cargo-hold and are on the floor. Merchants may choose to set up vending stalls, but it is not guaranteed food is available. A communal bathing and restroom facility is made available during daylight hours. Space is limited for Cargo Class depending on available space.
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