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The Collapse

“The Collapse” is the term used to describe the fall of civiliations on Alaraes, and likely Ouran at large. Scholars disagree on its cause and nature, and even the exact date of occurance, but are in concenseous about the fallout. Most technology was lost.

Some believe it was a war the scale of which had never been seen before. A war between race, ideology, theology, or some other even more petty reason. Some believe it was a plague that swept through the land and persisted for many generations, with societies collapse being slow and drawn out. Some believe the gods returned to the mortal realm and, finding the mortal races faith lacking, wraught destruction until they were satisfied that their lesson had been taught.

Whatever the reason, some 2,000 years ago, approximatley, The Collapse occured and much was lost. The knowledge of complex technology was destroyed along with the secrets of advanced arcane magic. People died by the millions, and everything fell apart.

Society today clings to the remnants of what remains and try to rebuild what was loft. Every so often a trove of lost knowledge is found advancing portions of society ahead by years or even decades. The occasional lost library, the bunker of some old government storehouse where schematics were kept.

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