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Capital: Holmfirth
Demonym: Farnean
Export: Augments, magical texts, magical services

Farneas' capitol is one of Masterworks, which has been the center of overland trade through Alaraes since before even time itself can remember. Stretching to the southern reaches of the continent to the sea, Farneas has access to rare minerals, materials, and technology from every edge of the continent. Being a center of trade, there are dozens of languages being spoken around each corner.

The land is predominantly covered in deciduous forest, with shrub land to the North, fertile woodland to the North-West, and low hills to the West. The weather is usually cool and rainy for prolonged periods of time.

They are technologically disadvantaged but maintain high-magic communication networks with their international allies.

Intriguing facts

  • Farneas is home to the most prestigious magical learning institutions in all of Alaraes, the town of Obsidian

National character

Their people are often stereotyped as being guarded, humorless, and attentive.

Cities and Sights

The Wells of Power

Great geysers of magic that spring forth from the very essence of the world, pure magic flows like water out of these springs into a sizable series of wells. Lying just a mile or so under the Obsidian Tower, they are constantly being studied by their scholars and guarded by their knights. Not much is known about how they formed, but what is well documented is their effect on humans and beasts. The Wells are renowned to have a strange effect on the living. If a live creature is plunged into the serene pools of raw physically manifested magic, they have a very small percentage chance of living through the experience. Those that survive the process come out changed, capable of channeling intense physical magic, but mutate slightly, often losing all their hair and their eyes becoming a milky white.


Originally a convent for the Wellborn, over the centuries the small convent grew into a middle-sized town whose primary export is knowledge, be that of magic or of technology. At the towns heart is a compound of five towers made from stone and steel, relics of a distant age, arranged in a circle around a giant obsidian spear thrusting from the ground in the center of its spacious courtyard. Outside the compounds walls thrives a lively town geared towards academia. Schools for smithys, chirurgeons, artificers, technomancers, engineers, artists, and many other skilled trades abound. Though all these houses of learning pale in comparison to the Order of the Obsidian Tower themselves, whose pursuit of knowledge is almost too fervorous. The town is also home to the Wells of Power, which are hidden somewhere deep beneath the Obsidian Tower itself.

Current affairs

  • There are rumors that someone has broken into the Order of the Obsidian Towers mysterious vaults and stolen an ancient artifact.
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