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Order of the Obsidian Tower

Sigil: Five rings surrounding a white palm, which has a hole in the center on a purple field.

Originally a convent for scholars studying the Wells of Power, over the centuries the Order of the Obsidian Tower has grown into the premier scholarly authority on Alaraes. They base themselves within a compound at the center of the town Obsidian. This compound houses five towers made of stone and steel, arranged in a circle around a giant obsidian spear thrusting from the ground in the center of its spacious courtyard. It is here where the orders mages and technomancers catalogue artifacts and hone their craft. Once an acolyte of the order has been deemed adequate enough to go out into the world, they are bonded with a Knight whom is tasked with protecting them, both from danger and from having their arcane knowledge stolen. The Obsidian Tower, as a whole, is obsessed with finding lost magic items, and remnants of ancient technolofy. They amass anything they can find into their tower vaults for cataloging and study.

Obsidian Reliquary

Sigil: Five rings surrounding a white palm, which has a hole in the center on a red field.

Members of the Obsidian Reliquary are tasked with seeking out artifacts, magical or otherwise, for the order and returning them for study. If an artifact is too large to be moved it is a Reliquaries job to study it in place, gaining all knowledge they can from it.

Knights of the Obsidian Tower

Sigil: Five rings surrounding a downward facing white spear on a purple field.

Renowned as some of the most deadly and tenacious fighters in the land, the Knights of the Obsidian Tower are tasked with protecting the mage with whom they have been bonded, as well as the Orders secrets. The the oldest of their order, who are either too old or too maimed to fight, mentor young initiate knights and train them in the art of killing; spending years refining their skills with all manner of weapons. When a the Archmage of the Order and the Knight Captain deem an initiate’s skill adequate, the initiate is granted full knighthood. This is when the bonding takes place. An acolyte is chosen and a bond is formed, lasting until death. The bond itself grants certain benefits for both the knight, and the acolyte, that the order prefers to keep to themselves.

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