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Billy Badass

Billy Badass (Not his real name, but it is his guild registered alias) is a 14 year-old rogue hired by the party to assist them in the Undercity.

Equipment and Treasure

Carried Gear (PHB, p. 143)

  • Leather armor (AC 11)
  • Rapier
  • 2 daggers
  • Shortbow and 20 arrows
  • Jeweler's tools (small pliers, grinder, polishing substances, etc.)
  • Thieves' tools (lock-picks, small file and pliers, tiny mirror)
  • Belt pouch
  • Set of traveler's clothes
  • A letter of introduction from his guild

Magic Items (DMG p. 135) * Potion of healing x2 (2d4+2 hp)

Coins & Gems

  • 6 gold pieces
  • 59 silver pieces
  • 70 copper pieces
  • 2 gems (worth 10 gp each)
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