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Aria de Reinhardt

LG, Human Female, 32

A Paladin of Gadriel the Stalwart who embodies her aspect of Justice.


Aria has currently sacrificed her connection to Gadriel the Stalwart in order to seal away a demon. (In game terms she is level 0)

She is currently headed back to Kaldar to assist with the cleansing of a town possesed by demons.


  • Aria always helps those in need however she can.
  • Aria is pragmatic, and takes the shorted path to victory.
  • Aria is always willing to sacrafice herself for others.

Arias Holy Saint Mode

  • Aria has been granted a boon by Lady Gadriel, she is imbued with a shard of her divine might, and is tasked with the slaying of demons
  • This power exhausts her
    • She gains 1 level of exhaustion every hour she is like this, until she has 5 exhaustion from any source
  • This power grants her mighty strength and divine power
    • Aria gains 7 levels from her current level and uses her Holy Rest ability. In addition, while in this state Aria automatically uses her holy Rest ability at the beginning of each new hour.
    • Holy Rest You gain the benefits of a long rest with the exeption that any levels of exhaustion you have are not reduced.
    • Once this effect ends (effectively after a maximum of 5 hours, or 4 in this specific instance) she is feeble and weak, and will need to be carried.

Character Sheet


Holy Warrior

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