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The New Gods

The new gods are physical divine beings, direct offspring of Astrea and Ouranos. These gods rarely manifest in the material plane, choosing instead to select champions and grant boons to those they find interesting or worthy. Each god is a divine aspect of some physical location or ideal. As such, the average citizen of Alaraes worships each deity as needed, they may pray to Arwain before setting sail, Yorlan for creative inspiration, or Jov before the toss of the dice, hoping he will grant them luck, and blame any and all misfortune on Arkon.

Ignis the Divine Flame

Alignment: Lawful Good
Gender: N/A
Ignis is the first deity to be born out of chaos of pre-time. After Astrea and Ouranos sealed Arkon away, Ignis saw the lifeless void of the material plane, and felt there could, and should, be something more. Ignis breathed life into the endless void and in doing so birthed the gods and all life. Their followers worship fire, life, and the suns and their sigil is a stylized red-orange flame on a white field.

Yorlan the Collector

Alignment: True Neutral
Gender: Male
Appearing to mortals as a man in his middle years, Yorlan wanders the material plane searching for interesting mortals for him to observe and study. He is often assisted by 5 great elemental Wolves, one each of fire, ice, lightning, earth, & air, who act as his heralds. Those who worship Yorlan believe curiosity and science is the path to divinity, so they tend to be scholars. Yorlans’ sigil is a white quill on a red and orange field.

Arwian of the Deep

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Gender: Female
Goddess of water, and the Moons, worshipped by sailors and fishermen, and all else who make their life on the sea

Sifel the Adventuress

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gender: Female
Goddess of the Frontier and Wilderness, and wife to Horus. She encourages her followers to seek the unexplored and strive to take the unknown. She keeps a giant silver Roc as a mount.

Gadriel the Stalwart

Alignment: Lawful Good
Gender: Female
Lord of war and keeper of heroic knights. She stands watch at the gates to the great demonic plane, and wages war against the evils within. She is considered to be the most pragmatic and steadfast of the gods, and would be considered the most beautiful, were it not for the scars covering her body from her eternal battle.

Horus the Wild

Alignment: True Neutral.
Gender: Male
Horus keeps the wild, wild, and is often at odds with his wife Sifel for it. He is constantly reclaiming land that mortals neglect, and does whatever he can to maintain the balance of life and death within his domains. Keeper of nature’s beauty and wrath.

Ildan of the Void

Alignment: Neutral Good
Gender: Female
Ildran is believed to have been the last true god to spring forth from Ignis' eternal flame. She took upon herself the task of keeper of death. She punishes the evil by flinging their souls into the black void where they will constantly experience all the evils they committed in life. She also sees that all other souls reach their final resting place. Lord of winter and death.

Jov the Wanderer

Alignment: Neutral Good
Gender: Male
God of luck and Adventure. Jov is said to wander the roads of the material plane, granting and taking luck as he pleases.

Arkon the Cruel

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