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Capital: Kharaküm
Demonym: Qokonese
Exports: tin cans, glass bottles, cybernetic limbs, horses, fine art

Is basically china and Mongolia with actual magic. Until very recently Qokon was the terror of the western half of Alaraes. Before Tillie Khan too the jade throne Qokon was under the despotic totalitarian rule of the elven Obedai Khan. Under Obedai Khan, Qokon saw rapid expansion and subsequently famine due to the lack of farmers.

Intriguing facts

National character

Cities and Sights


A sprawling city of claustrophobic allies, wide boulevards, and vast plazas, Kharaküm is also known as the city of rivers. Built in the center of an extremely wide river over dozens of smaller islands, the central palace sits on 5 itself.

Monastery of the Black Khan

Man dressed in dark rags, backlit by a giant phosphorescent statue of a god, skin tight on his bones, more skeleton than man. Grave mist falls from his mouth with every passing word. Controls snakes.

Current affairs

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