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Chapter 1: Character Creation

You skulk through the clustered cityscape of Castle Eberhardt, attempting to evade the city watch and their scout drones, with a backpack full of stolen royal heirlooms. Or the gentle thumping of the wheels of the train-car holds you in a half-sleep as you glide towards Aesh, towards a local land baron who is looking for mercenaries and gunmen. Or you crawl through an ancient sub-basement turned abandoned dungeon, searching for lost treasures of a long dead techno-lich. Perhaps you run through the trees towards a recently fallen star, only to find yourself on the wrong end of a gun barrel as a squad of troopers exits their freshly downed transport. Whatever path your character takes in Alaraes, consider how the world affects your character, and how the world is reflected in them. Building on this book's introduction, this chapter reveals how you can create a character shaped by Alaraes and its post-post disaster recovery. The chapter offers you the following choices:

Races. Choose one of the playable races detailed in chapter, or pick a race from the handbook and learn here how Alaraes has affected that species’ development.

Background. Choose from one of several new backgrounds to bring your character into the world of Alaraes.


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