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Alaraes can be home to any creature found in other planes of 5e. Humans are the most common, followed closely by dwarves and elves. While physically similar to those in other settings, the races in this handbook have unique cultures and outlooks compared to those in other planes. Goblins are a fledgling intelligence just garnering respect, dragonborn have divided themselves into a strict social stratum, and Steelborn search the continent for an ancient solution to a forgotten question.

This chapter provides an overview of the common, and uncommon, races in Alaraes. In addition to the core set of races, there are six additional races presented in this setting guide, as well as some racial variants for existing races.

  • Djinn are descendants of genies and their raw magical power. They prefer a secluded life in the deserts of Alaraes, but are known to venture into the world as assassins and wizards.
  • Arelin are a secretive race of genderless humanoids that serve an unknown divine purpose. They are neutral to the political entities of Alaraes and often serve as wandering magistrates. They excel as paladins and clerics.
  • Mycollan are a race of gentile gardeners and land healers. They tend to the wild lands that the hands of man have yet to reach, and do their best to protect them. The typically are monks or druids, depending on their outlook.
  • Steelborn are men of metal skin and wood sinew. Constructed by an unknown entity, they wander the land seeking something important but forgotten. They tend toward rangers and fighters, though the occasional spellcaster is not unheard of.
  • Kree-antha live in the far southlands, on the tip of the Forgotten Continent, only recently rediscovered. They are tall insectoids that live in small tribes that constantly war with one another. You are hard pressed to find a Kree-antha that is not a Barbarian, Warlock, or Ranger.

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