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Information (1-2 paragraphs) about background
Skill Proficiencies: Every background gets two skill proficiencies.
Tool Proficiencies and Languages: A background can provide a maximum sum total of 2 tool proficiencies and/or languages. Languages and tool proficiencies are considered interchangeable.
Equipment: The starting gear for a background (its “loadout”) can include adventuring gear and tools. Weapons and armor are not normally acceptable. This typically also includes a handful of gold.
Feature: Name of Feature
Suggested Characteristics: Traits, Ideals, Bonds, Flaws


You have been exposed to visions of an ancient civilization being destroyed by a great calamity at the hands of an unknown force, the specters of this civilization speak to you, driving you to discover the evil that attacked them and put it to rest.

Skill Proficiencies: You gain proficiency in History and Insight. Languages/Tools: Total of 2 Equipment: Starting Equipment and a handful of gold. Feature: Name of Feature Suggested Characteristics:


You practice the healing arts, rare and needed in an injured world, you decided to travel to the end of the world to treat the ill, hoping to leave each place a better place.


You have a background in engineering and basic mechanical skills.
Tinkering with the remains of the old world, you have begun to understand the technological mysteries



You fell victim to the pools of blackened earth, marking you with their curse, you have considered it either a unique and beautiful mark or a heavy and uneasy burden, either way your mutation became the tainted windows you see your world through.


Alien from one of Ourans’ three moons.

Ordered Affiliation


You travel the land dispensing your own brand of justice.



You have pledged your life in the service of a wizard of the Obsidian Tower. You are magically tuned to them, always able to sense their presence. You are more sturdy, able to take harder hits and heal faster than other members of your race.


Religious fervor is for casuals.

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