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The people of Alaraes have several specialties not found in other planes or other planets. An enterprising planes-hopper may want to pick up a new skill or two, and those that grew up in Alaraes likely are versed in something like mana artificing, or rarely ammosmithing. Whatever the case, these feats embody either training or experience in a field specific to Alaraes.


The ability to craft Castelero ammo

  • +1 dex
  • Prof with gunsmiths tools
  • Prof with ammosmith tools (?)


You have touched the magic-laced waters of the Wells of Power and have been corrupted by their overwhelming power.

  • Increase one attribute of your choice by 1.
  • In addition, you must roll on the Corruption Table one time. This feat may be taken up to three times.


You have a cybernetic prosthetic to replace body parts you have lost.

  • Choose a cybernetic prosthesis from the list below. It grants the benefit listed in the table and increases the ability score in the left column by the amount shown (up to a maximum of 20.)
  • At your DM’s discretion, you may select multiple cybernetics. However you only gain the benefit of the cybernetic, and do not gain an ability score increase

<font 10pt/Cambria,serif;;inherit;;inherit>Cybernetic</font>

<font 10pt/Cambria,serif;;inherit;;inherit>Benefit</font>

<font 10pt/Cambria,serif;;inherit;;inherit>Ability score</font>

<font 10pt/Cambria,serif;;inherit;;inherit>Eyes (one or two)</font>

<font 10pt/Cambria,serif;;inherit;;inherit>Grants darkvision out to 60 feet, do not suffer the effects of bright light.</font>

<font 10pt/Cambria,serif;;inherit;;inherit>Gain proficiency with perception, or expertise if you are already proficient.</font>

<font 10pt/Cambria,serif;;inherit;;inherit>+1 Wisdom</font>

<font 10pt/Cambria,serif;;inherit;;inherit>Arm</font>

<font 10pt/Cambria,serif;;inherit;;inherit>+1 shield bonus to AC</font>

<font 10pt/Cambria,serif;;inherit;;inherit>Adv on Dexterity (sleight of hand) checks, or expertise if you are already proficent</font>

<font 10pt/Cambria,serif;;inherit;;inherit>+1 Dexterity</font>

<font 10pt/Cambria,serif;;inherit;;inherit>Leg (one or both)</font>

<font 10pt/Cambria,serif;;inherit;;inherit>Non-magical effects that would knock you prone have disadvantage</font>

<font 10pt/Cambria,serif;;inherit;;inherit>+1 Dexterity</font>

<font 10pt/Cambria,serif;;inherit;;inherit>Spine</font>

<font 10pt/Cambria,serif;;inherit;;inherit>Your encumbrance is doubled.</font>

<font 10pt/Cambria,serif;;inherit;;inherit>+1 Strength</font>

Mana Artificer

Skilled at crafting mana into ouranite, you gain the following benefits:

  • Your intelligence score increases by 1.
  • You may use refiners’ tools to turn raw mana into ouranite. This process takes 1 hour and 100 GP per level of rarity of the ouranite you are trying to refine.


See corrupted, but disadv. On being charasmatic unless intimidating.

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