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Capital: Brightmount & Darkmount
Demonym: Valmeadan
Exports: Dragon hide, Machine Parts,

South America Bog lands and Marshes The valleys of Valmeadow are covered with thick fog and smell of death and rot. Through this thick fog Titan Fields can be seen, remnants of large fighting machines, torn apart either during or just after The Collapse. Over Brightmount the Endless Guard can be seen training their specially bred lesser wyrms.

Intriguing facts

  • Through treaty both Brightmount and Darkmount are not allowed to have standing armies, to get around this each city has a very large city watch.
  • The responsibility of defending Valmeadow from external threats has fallen on the shoulders the The Emerald Order.
  • Valmeadow is home to three Titan Fields, the Great Southern Titan Field being the largest and most well known.

National character

Valmeadow is a nation of three characters.

Orcs run salvage in the Titan Fields, and have managed to repair several Titans.

Half the country is run by Brightmount, and the other by Darkmount. The foriegn policy of the country is presided over by two seperate monarchs, with the Orc Chief acting as a tie breaker when needed.

Cities and Sights

The Great Southern Titan Field

A fog filled valley of ancient mechanical fighting hulks. Ancient giant robots, known as Titans, fought some battle here either during or just after The Collapse.


White sands, idyllic water side town. Home to bioluminescent algae.


Brightmount is the capital of Valmeadow, and home base of The Endless Guard.


A place of rotten blood and burned flesh. Dark Mount is run on the backs of tortured slaves won through battle or forced into debt by the council of lords. Twisted forms of once-humans walk its streets, assassins of night come and go through the twisted Blackstone gates. The gaze from the evils that lurk just beyond vision can often be felt upon an unwary traveler’s skin. Do Not Travel Through Valmeadow

Current affairs

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