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Guardians of the Pearls

These are the last great magical beasts of Oshear, and collectivley are Arkons seventh seal.

The Mother

Green/Earth (flowers, wood, & rock) A kind Spirit, will not attack, will only defend itself. Begs for its life the whole time

The Angel

Black/Metal (necrosis, bogs, death) Lives in a swamp/bog Forest that was a battlefield. In constant rage/sorrow Attacks are the blades and bodies of the dead in its bog

The Storm

Blue/Storm (lightning, sky, water) Lives near the ocean on a bluff Is not a dragon. More a serpent.

The Mountain

Red/Fire The dungeon is the beast Must stab at its burning heart and escape the volcano

The Grandfather

White/Spirit (requires a vision quest), can only be found if the other 4 have been defeated Is completely docile. Will offer no resistance to being slain. “I will not stop you from taking my life. You need simply stand behind me and slice my throat” Upon death will gasp, “You. Deserve. This.”

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