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The Pagan Gods

The Hearth Mother

The Hearth Mother is prayed to when seeking a healthy child or protection from storms. She watches over us all as The One did its own children.

The Harvester

Patron of the harvest. The Harvester is prayed to for bountiful and healthy crops so that Mankind may be strong as The One was. Reaps the souls of the living when it is their time.

The Warden

Patron of the wilds. He keeps the dangers of the world at bay, as The One did with the mountains. Pray to him when seeking protection from beasts when on the road.

The Healer

The Healer is the patron goddess of priests far and wide. She fosters health and delivery from disease. Once the souls of those harvested by the Harvester

The Dreamer

The patron of creativity. She is often the inspiration of great technological advances and masterworks of art. She guides scientists, lovers, and artists alike bringing divine inspiration in their endeavors. She fosters love in mankind so The One can live on through them and their works.

The Soldier

She protects the home from those who would wish to destroy it and the people who live there. As The One had protected the home if its children.

The Wanderer

The patron of the road. He is known to bring great luck to all whom encounter him. He wanders from place to place spreading fortune at his whim. After all, it takes no small amount of luck for a tree to defeat a mountain, even with careful planning.

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