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The Journeymen

The Journeymen are the true daredevils of Alaraes, they call for any thrill seeking traveler to join their ranks and experience the dangers and rewards of this world. While their main house is based in Cardean, their swashbuckling madcaps have arrived to the darkest areas in the world, hoping to return and share the stories or just bask in the glory. You can rest assured that if there's a mystery, there's a Journeyman looking for it.

“A true journeyman worships Sifel, but blessed by Jov” is the usual phrase heard when people talk about the Journeymen, it started mockingly as some of the less lucky journeymen meet a bad end because of the adventure they seek. The journeymen have embraced the phrase and turned it into their selling point, calling for their members to seek every undiscovered land.

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