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Prophets of Doom

Followers of an otherworldly god called “Arkon”, they promise the same as their god, chaos and destruction. They believe the end of the world have already begun and claimed the first land inside of “The Veil”, a dazzling aurora that many have entered but no one has managed to leave.
The cult does not have an hierarchy but work as small groups that operate separately, they vary from simple travelers spreading their belief, more formidable groups consisting of warriors of magic users and large followings that meet at different places, usually with 1 or 2 clerics and a group of loyal apostles holding most of the power.

There are many rumors about kidnapping and sacrifice around the cult, the disappearance of a child would usually be blamed on the roaming doom prophet more often than not, when ether justified or otherwise. Some of these rumors claimed that even one of the barons is secretly a prophet of doom though the name of the baron is generally never mentioned unless the spreader of the rumors holds a grudge against said Baron.
The rumors do not seem to threaten them, as they walk in their menacing black and red cloaks openly in the streets, waiting until the tallest shadow is cast on the ground before they preach.

Despite their apocalyptic promises and the strange rumors they seem to gather supporters and followers, accepting any race and sex, they lure people into the cult through the more enjoyable aspects of chaos while reminding the judgment of Arkon will surely arrive.

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