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The Flotilla

A few centuries ago, a steel ship the size of a small island, shaped like a nettle leaf, came floating silently out of The Veil, eventually coming to an eerie and silent rest 3 kilometers off the shores of Farneas. Initially many researchers came to pour over the vessel and discover her secrets. However, they soon drew the attention of pirates who quickly took over the ship, and the surrounding research vessels. Over the years many dozens more pirates and black marketeers began to accrue around the vessel, and a city sized flotilla was born. Part bazaar, part lawless pirate haven, The Flotilla is presided over by a council of thirteen pirate lords who secure it against foreign control and prevent total anarchy from taking hold. The inhabitants come from every nation and walk of life, many hoping to make a fortune, or at least a living in hiding.

The Floating Rose

The floating rose is the name given to that mysterious ancient ship and the seat of the pirate council. Given its name for its rose red hull. It also serves as the main market and bazaar, as it has a large flat deck that is the largest uninterrupted surface for miles in any direction.

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