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Capital: Victrix
Demonym: Oshearan
Exports: Naval ships, wine, precious gems, fish

Colloquially known as “The Pearls” due to the suspected wealth of the islands, judging from the ornate nature of the naval vessels sailing the waters around the archipelago, Oshear is a collection of islands off the coast of Alaraes that shuns any interaction with the outside world. Ruled by a fiercely xenophobic theocracy that worships Hɘ, trade with the islands is heavily regulated, with only two ports are open to outsiders: Spite Keep and Spire Keep. Any vessels attempting to approach the islands from non-approved trade routes will find the waters heavily embargoed and high sheer cliffs beyond that. Oshear is widely considered the strongest naval power on the continent, as it has a Foundry that produces iron bodied naval vessels.

The theocracy of Oshear is centered on the Slumbering One, a deity who was found ensconced in ice in an iron meteorite that struck the island a millennia ago. In the Slumbering Ones’ name, the people of Oshear have purged themselves of magic and the unnatural creatures that were possessed of it on the islands. Spellcasters are so rare on Oshear that some believe the ability to cast it has been bred out of the population.

Intriguing facts

  • There are only five magical creatures left in Oshear, collectively they are known as the Guardians of the Pearls
  • To practice any form of magic in Oshear is considered herecy, and is punished by death in the colloseum

National character

Cities and Sights

Spire Keep

A large mountain jutting out of the ocean off the main island of Oshear, Spire Keep is an open port that only takes prisoners off the mainland. Other nations may pay a yearly premium to house their prisoners in the labor camp under the mountain. The precious gems mined well below sea level here are used to fuel the greed of the papacy and to hold their churches, as well as export them. Nations are never told if the inmate is still alive, and those that stop payments will have their living inmates forcibly returned to their shores, they put up with these unfavorable terms because of the reputation of spire keep is never broken out this sentenced is fucked omg.

Spite Keep

Spite keep is the only open trading port in Oshear. The people of Spite Keep are kept isolated from the mainland, and permits are required for locals to travel to and from the city. The only exceptions being members of the clergy and the arelin Inquisitors. In the city

Port Iron

The foundry that produces Oshears’ naval vessels. It is manned by heavily vetted members of the lower clergy, who view it as a high honor to be allowed to build warships to help spread the word of their slumbering god.


The capital of Oshear, it is ruled by Grand Pope Redtek. A large city built into the crater that the iron meteor that carried the Lord to Oshear created when it plummeted from the heavens a thousand years ago. The papacy uses it as their Grand Cathedral and seat of political power.

Current affairs

  • Recently Grand Pope Vakshir has been killed under mysterious circumstances and Grand Pope Redtek has taken his place.
  • Grand Pope Redtek is mounting an expedition to hunt down and kill the 5 remaining magical creatures on the islands.
  • The grand cathedral of Oshear has begun powering up, and no one knows why.
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