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This page contains a list of various services that are available on Alaraes. The prices shown here are averaged from the various areas where the service is available.


A technological relic that survived the collapse, the Com-Net connects to every major population center in Alaraes. There are also a large number of com-net access points available in rural areas as well. These act as a decentralised communications network (Com-Net) to send written correspondence anywhere on the continent quickly.

Usage fees are standardised at 1gp per message.

Passage Airship

Passage Boat

Passage Land Steamer

  • 1st Class is luxurious and expensive, with complementary meals, open bars, and entertainment on longer journies. The rooms are large and lavish, sleeping between 1 family each, with en suite bathrooms and ammeneties.
  • 2nd Class passage is more economical, but still quite well appointed. Typically berths have an occupancy of 2-3, with every other compartment sharing a bathroom. Room service is available for a modest fee, and communal dining compartments are available.
  • Economy Class is even more affordable, sleeping 4-6 passengers per room with every other compartment sharing a bathroom. Economy dining is buffet only, and admittance is an additional fee.
  • Cargo Class is the most affordable option. As the name implies, sleeping arrangements are in the cargo-hold and are on the floor. Merchants may choose to set up vending stalls, but it is not guaranteed food is available. A communal bathing and restroom facility is made available during daylight hours. Space is limited for Cargo Class depending on available space.
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