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     * Member Cardeans' //Citizens Cuncil//     * Member Cardeans' //Citizens Cuncil//
     * Friends with Ish and an associate of you all.     * Friends with Ish and an associate of you all.
-  * **[[campaign_notes:suns_over_alaraes:Billy_Badass|Billy Badass]]** (Lawful Neutral, Human Male, 18)+  * **[[campaign_notes:suns_over_alaraes:Billy_Badass|Billy Badass]]** (Lawful Neutral, Human Male, 14)
     * A hired rogue.     * A hired rogue.
   * **Phyxhrys T'soavae** (Chaotic Neutral, Drow Female, 111)   * **Phyxhrys T'soavae** (Chaotic Neutral, Drow Female, 111)
     * The Undercity guide     * The Undercity guide
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