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Running the World of Alaraes

Alaraes is intended to be a high-magic, high-technology, high-adventure setting. Below I'll try and break down what I mean by this.


Magic is around every corner in Alaraes. It is in the trees, in the ground, in the very air. I try to reflect this in my writing to the best of my ability, and you should try to do so in your game.

Magic items are abundant in Alaraes, outside of Oshear, and that is by design. However that does not mean that every shop has full stock of every magic item. Some items may not even be procurable, but thats up to you. Generally speaking: Common items are always available, uncommon are available 80% of the time, rare items are findable 60% of the time, Very Rare 40%, Legendary 20%, and Artifacts are up to GM discretion. Pricing should follow the lown end of the suggestions found in the DMG. I have done my best to include prices for every new magical item I've included in the setting while adhearing to the pricing guidlines in the DMG.

As for the rarity of those items, rarity and pricing for certain ouranite is skewed and based on lore for the most part. The abilities granted by ouranite may not necessarily reflect their rarity level. The intended healing/damage ratios are also intended to be higher in the setting, but more on that later.


New technology is not being created on Alaraes, but what is available is being used. Maybe not as intended by the “Original Manufacturer” and certanly not as well understood as it used to be, but it is present. Technology runs the full gamut of practicle, plausable, and fantastic. Foundries are black box for a reason. Cool tech is everywhere, forgotten and dormant, waiting to be rediscovered and thrown in the faces of your PC's, and in the faces of your NPC's especially. Dont be afraid of neat guns and weird science. Embrace the chaos and see how it changes the story.

I've tried to keep the tech balanced against magic items as well as I can, but theres no direct analogue to spells. This is D&D after all, and in D&D magic is king.


Adventures in Alaraes can be quiet and introspective, but the setting is geared for big and loud. Traversing the continent and seeing the sights are what I find interesting when I run games, and that is certainly reflected here as well. Characters should need to travel from the Badlands of Aesh to the Dark Monastaries of Qokon and back again, fighting banditos, palace guards, and flesh hungry robots all the way. Then head back and do it all over again. Epic, high fantasy is the name of the game. Everything is larger than life, and adventure should reflect that.

Enemies should be strange and hit like trains, but go down fast. Players should have access to ridicoulous powers and massive healing pools. Encounters should be dangerous, with the illusion of deadly. In Westeros there are no good guys, and people die often and brutally. Here in Alaraes the good guys might be bad, and the the bad guys might be bad too, but the Heroes are heroes and heroes never die.

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