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Demonym: Suidadish
Exports: Exotic animals, anti-venoms, venoms

Suidad is less a cohesive nation and more a loose coalition of free cities that rose from the ashes of the collapse. They have gathered together to form a trade union and mutual defense pact to keep the mainland nations from expanding into Suidad and colonizing. The diverse peoples

Intriguing facts

National character

Suidad is composed of multiple independent city-states

Cities and Sights

White City

Basically Eldorado, where many heathen gods were allegedly born. One a ruling power out in the wilds. Struck down and cursed fit their arrogance to the gods. Gods from the city has learned of the responsibility of power, and their old homestead expected favors and power for fostering so many gods.


Tucked away in the Urtear Mountains, hidden from the world, the Redwater is ruled by the self-styled Duke Malmont and the Council of Seven Masks. The Duke keeps an iron fist on the trade and peoples of Redwater from afar, allowing the council to run the day-to-day affairs of his city. Redwater trades mostly in morality-free tourism, every pleasure available on the continent can be found in Redwater, given you can afford it. The city gets its name from the red lake it ensconces and uses as its main water supply. This water fogs the mind and heightens the senses, making it the perfect way to keep a population docile with pleasures and entice visitors to spend more coin on hedonistic pleasures.


Despite the magnificence of its construction, Holme is one of the most beautiful cities in Suidad, it is a desolate place with few visible signs of habitation. The living are unwelcome in Holme, for its residents are ghosts and ghouls. These denizens leave the physical structures here derelict and seemingly abandoned, however their astral counterparts are said to be vibrant and extravagant. The only exception to the decrepit appearance lies in the town square which has a tavern, a small post office, the Town Hall, and Gallows.


A great empty keep deep within the innermost reaches of Suidads Urtear Mountain Range. The entire keep is sized for giants, with stairs that are as tall as a normal man’s shoulders. Legend says that it will be the last refuge of mankind in the end of days. Above the archway to its inner sanctuary the inscription “sic transit gloria mundi” is inset into the stone with untarnished bronze.

Current affairs

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