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Capital: Iron Sky
Demonym: Rosgathian
Exports: Blazewood, airships, fine woodcarvings, and woodcarvers.

Every facet of the day to day life in the nation of Rosgath is invaded by their God-King Moloch, who sits strong in his sky palace, Iron Sky. Moloch has ruled over Rosgath for thousands of years and has fostered a culture of paranoia and suspicion. Free thought is highly discouraged, and the people under his rule are rewarded for turning in lawbreakers and traitors. His army performs randomized raids on villages from great airships to collect taxes, lawbreakers, and traitors. Rebellion is a foreign concept to the people of Rosgath, for they love their God-King and welcome the stability of his rule. All they've had to give up are a few personal liberties for national stability and security.

Intriguing facts

  • Rosgath has a standing army of automatons.

National character

Cities and Sights

Mt. Fireforge

A great volcano that sits at the heart of Rosgath, and the true heart of its political and military might. On the far side of its base, opposite of The Devils' Beard is a rare, fully automated self-sufficient Foundry. This Foundry produces dozens of loyal automaton soldiers for Molochs Iron Army every year. The existence of this foundry is a closely guarded secret, and whole cities have been brought level with the ground by Moloch to keep it that way.

The Devils' Beard

Sitting serenely at the base of Mt. Fireforge, a large blood red forest beards the volcano. It has survived three massive volcanic eruptions in living memory, in part because it sits above a deep Mana vein, and has been infused with the magical energies of the volcanic lava that has bathed the trees. The wood harvested from these trees here are resistant to even the most intense flame. Harvesting the lumber is highly regulated and exports are even more tightly controlled. Adventurers and money seekers with little sense often try to start clandestine harvesting operations here, as it can be extremely lucrative. However, Iron Sky spends most of its time floating darkly above it. Those brave enough to stroll through this wildwood are sure to come upon fire sprites, elementals, and volcanic Mana.


The only trading city in Rosgath. By design it is uninteresting, except that the walls are clearly designed to keep people in rather than out.

Iron Sky

Colloquially known as Molochs Fortress, Iron Sky is a giant air fortress filled with ancient technology, the making of which has long since been lost. It is presided over by its master, the God-King Moloch. The fortress is in actuality a great Foundry that produces airships for Molochs army, a legion of emaciated man-machine hybrids that are the ambling husks of would-be rebels and traitors. Unwanted peoples are fed into a smaller Foundry that Moloch procured early in his reign, and their bodies are reconditioned into mindless cyborgs with a zealous loyalty to Moloch. Not much is known about life on the fortress, or its terrible master, but rumors say Moloch stands at least twelve feet tall, can crush a man’s head with a single hand, and that magic does not touch him.

Current affairs

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