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Capital: Eberhardt
Demonym: Reibentonian
Exports: Personal assistants (Robo-drone), fur hide, wood, woodworkers

The lands of Reiben are nearly consumed by dark, dense, and foreboding forests. The most remote of which still teem with the Old Magic. Though the land is heavily populated, Reibens’ villages are relatively isolated unless located within a few miles of a Castle or Keep. Travel through the region is typically kept to well-traveled paths, as the wilds are so dangerous. Reiben is presided over by the last of its Seven Barons. Baron Klaus von Eberhardt.

Intriguing facts

  • The last of the barons, Baron Klaus von Eberhardt recently consolidated the former seven baronies, through diplomacy as well as force, and has been hard at work restoring them to their former glory. Despite his young age, others consider him to be a competent ruler.
  • Aside from the young baron, the nation is presided over by a Shadow Council comprised of the remaining minor lords of the land.

National character

Cities and Sights

Birgitte's Retreat

A city set in the Arrow's Head bay, a crevice along the Silverbow Bluffs, which is highly defensible from land and sea. It sits hard up against the ocean, with a bay that is guarded by a great stone seawall, silver like the rock it was carved from. It is the main naval port of Reiben.

The Blackflair Hills

These ominous hills lay deep inside the forests of Reiben. An ancient battle was fought here between wizards and necromancers. The old magic infused in these hills is far stronger than the rest of Reiben, it has become quite volatile and occasionally erupts in black, grey, and pale blue flames. People have reported seeing ghostly figures fighting during these eruptions. Some even recall seeing the great Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander Wizard of the First Order.

Castle Eberhardt

The ancestral home of the Eberhardt clan, Castle Eberhardt is encompassed by a large, magically reinforced basalt stone wall, the surface of which bears no seams along its perfectly smooth surface. The inner side shows signs of a once intricate grand relief spanning all along its circumference. Large gothic statues, fountains and palisades, carved from marble and basalt, decorate the plazas of the city. The keep dominates the city center, surrounded by a large lightning moat. The entrance is mounted by two large steel-clad stone gargoyles. Noted as one of the most defensible cities in all the land, Castle Eberhardt has never been taken by an occupying force.

Nydts' Keep

Formerly Mount Goldspring, Nydts Keep was once home to the largest dwarven population in Reiben. Its mines and forges produced the finest diamonds and unending quantities of gold for refining in the Foundry of Farneas. However, as of recent the remaining dwarves of the stonehold are are under the control of the great red dragon wyrm Nydt, who uses them as thralls to mine gold for his hoard. The Baron Eberhardt is preparing to route the dragon from the mountain, restore the dwarves' freedom, and reclaim its riches for his kingdom.

Silverbow Bluffs

A stretch of cliff face that’s ruff cut, and apparently natural, covered in what appears to be a highly reflective silver sheen.

Current affairs

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