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Capital: Kaldaria
Demonym: Kaldaran
Exports: Blue Steel, Red steel, sand, glass, glassworkers

A land of sand and scarcity, the sovereign of Kaldar is presided over by one of three Shah's who in turn rule over Kaldar as a triumvirate. Rolling dunes of endlessly deep sand and the relentlessness of Alaraes’ two blistering suns are the regions hallmarks. Its cities are few and far between and nearly always located near an above ground source of water. The one exception is the region's capital, Kaldaria.

Intriguing facts

National character

Cities and Sights

Walking City of Bordan

Ruled by a Muslim dwarf, Crafting center? A refining center for bluesteel? Bordan was resurrected centuries ago by a coalition of dwarfs from across the continent. It is a massive mechanical beast, four dozen stories high, covered in settlements, towers, castles, and warehouses. Essentially a walking 12-legged mountain fortress, its shining steel walls can be seen wandering the deserts from Aesh to Kaldar.

Sha’ak Mountains

The Blue Mines

Deep within the Sha'ak Mountains of Kaldar lies a series of mines with iron deposits that are naturally infused with magic from the lands. This iron ore is mined and brought to the base of the mountains, where it is picked up by Bordan and then refined into ingots of steel that have a blue tinge, thus its name “Bluesteel”, that is exceptionally durable and highly sought after. Distribution, or forged directly into armor and weapons for sale.


A city in a crater that is covered by a semi-natural sandstone some. Done is painted in several large murals depicting the founding of the city. It is fed water by a large underground river. Streets are lit with natural gas lamps.

Current affairs

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