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Capital: Stathford
Demonym: Ilkoran
Export: Ice, salt, several common metals,

The frigid arctic filled with Jotuns and Eskimos/Siberians A frigid land of trees and Ice, Ilkor is ruled by King Tarsus Rakell VI. The majority of northern Ilkor is little more than a cursed tundra with a lovely view of the ice capped mountains that separate it from Reiben. It once was home to a vast multitude of people who thrived in its lush forests and farmed its fertile lands, until King Tarsus Rakell II's head mage angered a powerful demon that froze the land and let loose an extremely contagious airborne plague that thrived in the cold. While always a colder climate that often saw freezing temperatures in the winter, this new everlasting winter the country was plunged into was something new entirely. Thousands died of the unexpected cold within weeks, thousands more died in months from starvation. This combination of bitter cold and deadly plague brought Ilkor to its knees more than two centuries ago. Today, Ilkor is still recovering, with its people only now getting the required infrastructure in place to enable their daily lives to be somewhat peaceful. Due to concerns about the plague, the entire northern part of the country is considered plague land, and travel there is punishable by immediate execution, on sight and from a distance.

Intriguing facts

National character

Cities and Sights

Red Falls

Waterfall that runs red. Site of an ancient battle, corrupted land


An autonomous elven city that used to be in the center of a large forest. After the freezing curse the trees all died and the city is mostly in poverty.


As far north as it is possible to go without venturing into the plague lands, Stathford is the capital of Ilkor and a Masterwork City, it is covered in a great dome of magical ice that prevents all but divine magic from being cast within it. It is impervious to even the hottest of flame and somewhat insulates it from the bitter cold of the tundra, with temperatures inside the dome reaching the high 30's, and temperatures outside often in the single digits.


An ancient ruined capital of Ilkor. Taken by a plague, rumors suggest it is controlled by Yeti, Ice Elementals, and other such creatures able to withstand the inhospitable climate and the plague. Though where these rumors come from is uncertain, as travel there is punishable by death.


A semi-free city within the borders of Ilkor that is reigned over by the ancient Ice Giant Jotun. Currently on friendly terms with Stathford, Jotunheim is a major exporter of …something.

Current affairs

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