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Ouranite is refined and condensed mana, the magical lifeblood of Alaraes. Many types of mana exist, with some far more common than others, usually taking on the natural properties of the world around it. In its raw form mana appears as floating motes of sparkling colored dust, its shape always in flux, and is consistently about the size of a small honey bee. Once harvested, mana is refined by Artificers around the lands of Alaraes into Ouranite, first by stabilizing its inherently chaotic nature, and then sealing it inside a sphere of clear rainbow quartz about one inch in diameter. Mana refining is a lucrative business throughout Alaraes with most medium to large towns having an Artificer trained in the College of Anvilmar. Rural Artificers are usually self-taught and capable of refining most of the common types of mana into a usable, refined, form for daily use. Rarer mana requires seeking out a specialist in one of the larger cities throughout the land, or even from the College itself.

There is some argument as to whether mana is created by the elements around it, or if the mana simply takes on its properties.

Mana corruption

Use of any Mana Orb that has the presence of black flecks or streaks throughout its surface is highly discouraged. Use of these orbs can and will cause the deformation and/or insanity of the user.

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