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Ouranite is refined Mana, the magical essence that leaks from the land itself. After being processed by an artificer, ouranite can be purchased and sold in nearly any large settlement throughout Alaraes. While the common varieties can typically be found in any small village or hamlet, the rarer varieties can only be found in larger cities or forgotten tombs. Legendary ouranite is either exceedingly rare and cannot be purchased normally, or has only been written about in ancient texts. Artifact ouranite has only been theorized by scholars and its existence has not been proven.

Equiping Ouranite

Armor, weapons, trinkets and the like, may only be fitted with a single ouranite, regardless of the items size, and may not be enchanted. Doing so causes the ouranite to become unstable. Ouranite may only be fitted into items that have been built or retrofitted with the appropriate channeling runes and receptacle slot for the ouranite to rest in. This service costs 200gp, either at creation or when being retrofitted, and increases the value of the item by the same amount. Natural armor and weapons cannot be fitted with ouranite.

Ouranite may be swapped into and out of any item or equipment so long as it can contain ouranite. Swapping out ouranite from one item to another, for example from Sinew Plate to a Katana, requires one free hand and takes one minute.

Unstable Ouranite

Ouranite that is unstable is dangerous and should avoided and disposed of. Once ouranite becomes unstable, it will take 12 seconds for the mana contained inside of it to try and revert back to its natural state, once it does the ouranite explodes. This explosion goes out to 30 feet and causes 10d6 damage to every creature caught the explosion. In addition, any creature caught in the explosion must roll on the Wild Magic table one time.

A Comprehensive list of Ouranite

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