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Appendix F: Adventure Seeds

The Trouble in Drakken Tor

King Ruczal is contemplating storming the dwarven stronghold of Va'kuhm, and has tasked you with finding out wtf. It turns out the main gold vein dried up a decade ago, and the cities Lord was using the cities stockpiles to keep the export flowing while his miners searched for a new vein. This vein was found deep down, and was quickly processed through the refinery. However gold parasites were slumbering in the ore, and once the hold was smelted they began taking over the minds of the denizens there, turning them into mindless zombies.

The Pearls of Oshear

In his slumber chamber there was a countdown to the gods awakening. It had clearly started at 100, but when he came to us it was already at 10 and counting towards 0. God had clearly traveled far to come to this new place. The people found their sleeping God, and prayed to him for salvation. He did not answer their prayers, for he found them unworthy of his blessings. A prophet came forward with a solution: cast out the unbelievers, strike down the false gods, and drive out the unnatural beasts of the land. This would speed their Lord's awakening, and he would then answer their prayers.

For 500 years the followers of the Lord H3 followed these imperatives, and it is working. The false gods, starved of devotion, are dead and powerless or near it, the blasphemers have been burned at the stake, and the creatures that defied the Natural Order of things have been hunted to extinction… nearly. The lord's awakening is close at hand.

You are followers of The Holy Order of {NAME}, and you have been recruited to aid in the final culling if the debased and unnatural beasts in the land. Five great hulks still roam the land in defiance of the Lord, and it falls to you too drive them to hell.

The first is a great green woman in the wilds of the east. It has been seen stalking the Elderwood Forest near the foothills of The Spine. You are to find this beast, and destroy it. Then find its four brethren and do the same. Divine Hunter of magical beasts. Must hunt and kill 5 magical creatures of color. Unbeknownst to the Hunters, killing them unseals an ancient hate and it releases the 13 demons of the Zodiac. The Goetia range from docile, harmless and innocuous, to violent, terrifying and dangerous. Meanwhile, the sky god’s timer is counting down, and has been for decades (from 5%). It's now at 0, having suddenly dropped off from 2%). He is waking up and needs Helium 3. He has a translator that auto translates the language. He needs 3% to get engines started and unlock arsenal.

Cardean 1984

Babies in Cardean are implanted with a neural chip. The Citizens Council uses this chip to rig elections and keep the citizenry pliant and congenial. People who are dissatisfied with their jobs are “re-educated” until they become compliant.

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