Level 10 Ranger With Spellcasting

50 ft
Combat Maneuver DC 20
Spell Save DC 19
Fort +11  Ref +13 Will +14
Awareness 25
[Damage reduction] 4 [Fast Healing] 4
[Resistance 10] Physical [Ghostwise] 45 ft
Attack Action
[Reacting] [Thrown] [Barbed]
Deadeye: +15 [Precision] damage with ranged against flatfooted foes
Attack Action
[Slotted 1] [Distant] [Point-blank]
Lava Mana: Deals additional [3d4] fire damage.
Deadeye: +15 [Precision] damage with ranged against flatfooted foes
Attack Action
[Slotted 1] [Deft] [Parrying]
Arctic Mana: Deals additional [3d4] cold damage.

Abilities: Str 14, Dex 18, Con 8, Int 14, Wis 16, Cha 10

Skills: Acrobatics +10, Athletics +8, Stealth +10, Geography +8, Nature +9, Perception +9

KOM: Dexterity (+4) KDM: Intellegince (+2) BAB: +6

Spells per scene: Six 1st circle spells, Five 2nd circle spells, and Three 3rd circle spells.

Passive Abilities

Dead-eye EX: Adriel fights best when she doesn't fight fair. When she hits a [Flat-footed] opponent with a ranged attack, she deals 15 additional [Precision] damage.

Rather Quick than Dead EX: Moving out of a square of difficult terrain does not cost Adriel extra movement. In addition, Adriel has an additional bonus equal to half her level (+5) on initiative checks.

Dive for Cover EX: Once per [Encounter], when Adriel makes a successful Reflex saving throw against an offensive action that would normally have a lesser effect on a successful save (such as a spell with a save of “Reflex half ”), she instead ignores the effect entirely.

For Ire EX: Adriel has [Fast healing 4], and becoming [Flat-footed] does not prevent her from making attacks of opportunity or taking immediate actions.

Look of a Survivor: Adriel has [Resistance 10] to physical damage.


Light Armor: This well made leather armor grants a +1 bonus to AC

Longbow: This mundane longbow has a single red mana, marbled with yellow, set into the grip. [Slotted 1] [Distant] [Point-blank].

Longsword: This mundane longsword has a single blue mana, marbled with white, set into the crossguard. [Slotted 1] [Deft] [Parrying].

Daggers: Adriels preffered weapon, for its effeciency and silence. She has many strewn about her person and tends the play with them when thinking. [Reacting] [Thrown] [Barbed].

Money: 10 Astral Diamonds


By Will Sustained: Adriel does not need food or water, and has [Immunity] to [Sickened].

Recon: At the beginning of each [Encounter], before the first [Round], each of Adriels' allies may make a 5 ft step, even if that ally is surprised. Adriel herself may make two 5 ft steps.

Senseshift Adept: Adriel is capable of manipulating her senses. This allows her to peer around a corner with her fingertips, examine the inside of a lock with her hairs, listen with your feet, taste things she touches with her palms, or manipulate any other sense she posesses.

To Iron Married: Adriels crit range is 18-20.

Pistolero: On a critical hit, Adriel inflicts the [Blinded] condidtion for one [Round].

Frost Giant go WAARGLL!

Activated Abilities

Reap the Whirlwind EX: Adriel is capable of creating deadly ambushes on the fly. These traps can be deployed in combat as a swift action twice per [Encounter]. A trap remains functional until the end of the [Encounter], with some exceptions. Every trap is normally visible, and can be concealed with a Larceny check (+4).

» Tanglefoot Paste: Atomized in a fine mist that hovers in the air, this paste covers up to five squares in [Close] range of you at time of deployment. Each affected square must touch at least one other affected square. Targets entering these squares must make a Fortitude save (DC 17), or stop their movement and become [Flat-footed] until their next turn.

» Tripwire: A tripwire is stretched across a 30 ft line originating from target square within [Medium] range. The entire tripwire must exist entirely within Adriels' [Medium] range. Those attempting to leave a square covered by the line fall [Prone]. A successful Reflex save (DC 17) negates the [Prone] condition. A tripwire can only trigger twice before being destroyed utterly.

» Fumigator: A fumigator can be thrown to any square inside [Medium] range, creating a 20 ft radius spread of with a thin gas that has mild hallucinogenic effects originating from that square. For each creature, whenever that creature begins its turn inside the spread or the first time each [Round] that creature enters the spread, that creature starts seeing double, forcing it to treat all creatures as [Fully concealed] for the next 2 [Rounds]. A successful Will save (DC 17) negates this effect. A fumigator dissipates after 4 [Rounds].

Return Fire EX: Once per [Round], when an opponent within [Close] range attacks Adriel, she may make a ranged attack against that opponent that does not provoke an attack of opportunity. If her attack hits, it deals 10 damage and leaves the target [Flatfooted] for one [Round].

Richochet EX: As an immediate action, Adriel can intercept and hinder any ranged attack, spell, supernatural ability, or spell-like ability that would target or affect an ally within [Close] range. She makes an attack roll with a ranged weapon she is wielding. For purposes of that offensive action, the ally can freely choose to replace its Armor Class or any saves it makes with your attack roll.

A Personal Touch EX: Grappling hooks are standard-issue for rangers, and for good reason. Once per [Round], Adriel may replace an attack made during her attack action with a ranged attack at up to [Close] range at the same attack bonus as the replaced attack. If she hits, she deals 1d8 + 4 damage and knocks the hit opponent [Prone]. As a swift action, she may then immediately pull the opponent closer to her by up to 25 ft. A successful Reflex save (DC 17) negates the [Prone] condition and thus prevents the pull.

Kept Secret, Kept Safe EX: At will, Adriel may use a move action to lay down a cloaking scatter of smoke, dust, and silvered shards to screen her allies. All allies within [Close] range gain a +2 bonus to AC and Reflex saves for one [Round].

A Swiftness in the Blood EX: Once per [Round], Adriel may take an additional swift or immediate action.



Obscuring Mist: A misty vapor arises around you. It is stationary once created. A creature without [Blindsight] cannot establish line of sight through more than 5 ft of the spell’s area of effect. Additionally, a creature in the spell’s area of effect without [Tremorsense] or [Ghostwise sight] treats adjacent creatures as [Concealed] and non-adjacent creatures as [Fully concealed]. A creature in the spell’s area of effect with [Tremorsense] or [Ghostwise sight] treats non-adjacent creatures as [Concealed].

A moderate wind (11+ mph), disperses the fog after four consecutive [Rounds]. A strong wind (21+ mph) disperses the fog in 1 [Round]. Effects that inflict damage with the [Fire] descriptor burn away mist in their area of effect, removing those squares from this spell’s area of effect.

Comprehend Language: You can understand the spoken words of creatures or read otherwise incomprehensible written messages. In either case, you must touch the creature or the writing. The ability to read does not necessarily impart insight into the material, merely its literal meaning. The spell enables you to under stand or read an unknown language, not speak or write it.

Written material can be read at the rate of one page (250 words) per minute. This spell does not decipher codes or reveal messages concealed in otherwise normal text.

Ensnare: You call up entropic forces, causing plants to grasp at creatures’ feet, pavement to become inexplicably slippery, rocks to catch shins and ankles, and so forth. Squares in the area of the spell’s effect become difficult terrain, and creatures in the area of the spell’s effect cannot activate the Charge combat maneuver.

Invisibility: The touched creature becomes [Invisible]. If the creature performs an offensive action or casts a spell, this effect ends.

Resist Elements: Choose a type of elemental energy ([Acid], [Cold], [Electricity], or [Fire]). Your target gains [Lesser resistance] to that energy type.

Status: When you need to keep track of comrades who may get separated, status allows you to mentally monitor their relative positions and general condition. You are aware of the direction and distance to each target. Additionally, for each target, you are aware of what conditions it has and whether or not it is at its maximum HP. (Once the spell has been cast, the distance between you and the targets does not affect the spell.)